Live Streaming In The Fashion Marketing Industry

Wanelo is a online platform that well known and local retailers can utilize to sell and promote their products. There has been a major wave in online and mobile shopping throughout the past decade but Wanelo has been able to take numerous stores and create an efficient distribution channel for these clothing items. Recently, wanelo has been known for its customer to be able to interact with the retailers and the individuals at wanelo. Due to the fact users can give feedback about a certain item they bought or what they think about the brand overall. Despite these innovative changes, wanelo is in need of establishing brand awareness to people who love fashion. Periscope can help expand the company’s brand through live streaming since it would encourage more of its users to become engaged with the company’s newest offerings and given an insight to what other retailers have to offer. If Periscope were to start engaging in livestream events with wanelo there would definitely be a unique way to pull their target audience in. The models and employees at Wanelo could also use Periscope to showcase their day to day activities by livestreaming the brand name clothing that they are wearing. As well as, giving their own input about the products that they have in store and the upcoming fashion trends for the season. Fashion week and runways are a big part of the fashion industry itself and by partnering with brands that use wanelo, customers could possibly watch live stream events of runway shows to see their favorite brands. While the runway show is happening it is possible for wanelo to set up live purchases for its customers and maybe even tailor some discount options for when they purchase it during the live stream. Periscope could rebrand itself as the live stream service for the fashion industry and other related products. Wanelo already has its own competitive advantage for being interactive with its customers, periscope could help broaden that spectrum that they may be missing. There are still many aspects to consider in terms of whether or not Periscope could adapt to a new and rapid changing environment. There are always new trends being followed in fashion and besides the runway show, new ideas and opportunities would have to be created to catch up with these changes.  

Guest post made by Anushah Kaisani. Check out my take on live streaming in the fashion marketing industry!