Where Periscope Stands on the Hype Cycle

Source: Genesis Mining

Gartner’s Hype Cycle is a graph that illustrates the lifetime of certain technologies and different phases it may go through in its social application. The cycle consists of five stages that essentially range from the a product’s discovery point to its peak, and leads ultimately to a plateau where irrelevance of the advancement starts to occur after it has reached its full potential. Now let’s consider Periscope and where it may stand on the graph. Periscope having launched in 2015 is still a fairly new application, however, not long after its launch did it join forces with Twitter. Although Twitter is still a heavily used platform, it launched in 2006 making it a lot older than Periscope and more likely to die out in the near upcoming years (more or less about 5 years), especially with competition from other social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, and perhaps the possibility of the development of entirely new applications entering the market. Keeping these factors in consideration, Periscope is most likely located at a phase in between ‘the peak of inflated expectations’ and ‘trough of disillusionment’. Periscope’s initial rapid success within the social media world enables it to be at the peak of expectations allowing room for it to still add advancements to its service that people will care to trial. However, with the recent increase in competition from major applications incorporating a live stream feature into their platforms Periscope is heading toward  their trough of disillusionment and has seen some failure in harboring the interest of their users over using other services. Nothing seems to be making Periscope stand out over the convenient live streams in the already widely used social media platforms. Periscope’s partnership with Twitter has aided in preserving some of its success, but a suggestion that I would make for Periscope to avoid a fast decline would be for it to focus more on up and coming businesses, or even well-established big businesses and propose their live streaming service to them so that these companies can make an advancement towards live streaming to consumers through Periscope. That way Periscope will stay relevant and businesses can prosper from the advancement.

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