Facebook Live Crushes Periscope?

Facebook officially launched its website some time ago in February 2004 and it launched its live feature fairly recently in April 2016, about a year after Periscope’s launch. Facebook’s incorporation of a live feature had a heavy impact on the declining use of Periscope due to it being the largest social media network in the world. Over a billion and a half people are active on Facebook monthly, while a billion are active daily. In comparison, Periscope is a much smaller application, but it had partnered with the larger platform, Twitter,  early in its launch allowing for Twitter users to access a live feature through Periscope on Twitter. Twitter and Facebook are currently both dominating the social media world. Twitter’s platform traffic is much more comparable to Facebook’s than is Periscope’s platform alone. This live broadcast partnership and option was in the works between Periscope and Twitter near the end of 2015 and officially launched early 2016, just a few months before Facebook launched its live feature. Did Facebook steal the concept from Twitter and Periscope? Perhaps, but it is simply integrating a certainly popular feature to its already widely-used platform, so it was a smart move on behalf of Facebook, but a negative impact on Periscope further leading it to its recent decline. Initially when Periscope launched, it only allowed viewers to view past live streams for twenty-four hours after it was live streamed, but due to user demand, it changed this feature to allowing users to view missed or past live streams indefinitely at the convenience of their own time. Facebook took note of this and did the same; it allows for their live streams to be saved as videos on the page it was streamed from for indefinite viewing by page viewers or followers, as well as the additional ability to like, share, and comment on the video that has now become a post. Being the largest social media platform used in the world, numerous

source: google images

Celebrities and organizations commonly make use of the Facebook live feature as it makes it convenient for most people that already had a Facebook page. This affects the usage of Periscope since it itself is a  newer platform strictly for live streams, therefore, more people may be skeptical to begin using it or may rely on other platforms they have already had that now include the live feature. Partnering with Twitter has helped Periscope to not completely be brushed under and die out, but Facebook live has knocked much of the competition out of the way from Periscope.


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